You don’t need a special occasion to feel sexy. But let’s face it, sometimes, you feel the polar opposite of sexy—which is enough to make anyone’s self-esteem plummet.

Thanks to the pandemic, it’s probably been months since you last felt excited to put on a banging outfit, do your hair and makeup, and have a good time. You’ve never been so used to your bare-faced look and your naked body—and no matter how beautiful they are, they’re just “blah” at this point. Don’t worry! There are three infallible techniques that, when combined, are proven to bring out any woman’s sexiest version of herself.

Step 1: Do Your Makeup

Above all, makeup should make you feel good and bring out your prettiest features. Some people prefer it artsy, while others like it natural—it’s your call. If you’d like, you can take a few extra minutes to find your signature makeup look.

In the end, however, there’s the icing on the cake of every look: false lashes. Nothing adds more drama and glamour to a makeup look than faux lashes, or whatever you prefer to call them. If you have naturally long lashes, you can just use natural lashes for a complete look. But for a glam look, adding lush lashes will give your eyes a dramatic shape.

We’re not talking about traditional lashes, though. We’re talking faux mink lashes, made from synthetic fibers of the highest quality. Plus, they’re magnetic, which will make your lash routine much easier!

It’s okay if you’re terrible at putting lashes on. Magnetic faux mink lashes will easily adhere to your natural lash line and all eye shapes because you don’t need to apply any glue to the lash band. Instead, you’ll apply a magnetic eyeliner (which is totally safe, by the way).

With proper care, your magnetic false eyelashes will last for a long time. Also, magnetic eyeliner comes off with makeup remover. Be sure to look at shipping details to see if you can get free shipping.

Step 2: Put On Your Sexiest Lingerie

Celebrate your body type with sexy lingerie you have at home. If you don’t own any or if yours have worn out, it’s time to fill up that shopping cart. Take your time to browse sexy plus size lingerie to enhance your curves, as well as a variety of colors and sizes to compliment your skin tone and unique shape. Also, take the opportunity to check out the best bras, swimwear, panties, thongs, stockings, and a sizzling selection of plus size intimates. You’ve been saving a lot of money during this quarantine, anyway. You absolutely deserve to treat yourself.

Lastly, make sure to check the measurement guide from the website where you’re buying to make sure the product is the right fit.

Step 3: Take Some Hot Selfies

Makeup? Done. Lingerie? Sexy. Now comes the fun part. Regardless of who you are or what you do, you can take hot selfies. Period. If you’re not naturally photogenic, it might take some practice. But once you get it right, you’ll want to do it again and again.

If you need help with some selfie poses, this post by Cosmopolitan has got you covered. It might sound complicated at first, but lighting and position play a big role in how photogenic you look. You can master selfies in just a few steps and finally say goodbye to deleting 10 out of 11 pictures you take.

On that note, these selfies are for you or whoever you feel comfortable sending them to. If you want to keep them in your gallery and take a look at them when you’re not feeling your best, go for it. This isn’t about “Hey you, look how sexy I am!” It’s more about “I’m sexy and I know it.”

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