Living with an illness or condition that’s chronic can often wear you down, making everyday tasks exhausting and tiresome. There are days you might have the energy of a thousand people and then suddenly the next morning you can barely move from bed. More than half of adults in the US suffer from a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and fibromyalgia. 

About 100 million deal with chronic pain that can affect your eating habits, skin sensitivity, and mental and physical health. Many sufferers continue their day to day routines of going to work, taking care of their family, and trying to just get through each day. Unfortunately, when you physically feel terrible your fashion sense and self-care may be pushed aside. There’s plenty of ways to look and feel good with chronic pain. Here are some tips to create a comfortable but fashionable chronically beautiful wardrobe.

Chronic pain can come sustained by an injury, disease, or condition and last from a few months to the rest of your life. There are several ways to reduce the pain, however, not every method works for all. Fibromyalgia sufferers can have a range of pain from manageable to excruciating. Symptoms can be flu-like, with sensitivity to the skin, rashes, and even tremors. 

Discussing a pain management program with your doctor can help lower pain to be more tolerable. Natural medications like CBD oil have become more popular in giving chronic pain patients relief from pain, nausea, decrease in inflammation, fatigue, and lowering anxiety.

There might be days you need endless appointments and procedures like blood tests, hours in the waiting room, or having a full-body MRI scan. This test is beneficial for chronic illness sufferers and cancer patients. It’s less invasive than other scans which allow you to be imaged pain-free and no radiation. Feeling at ease during horrible flare-up days or long cancer treatments is important. Clothing that stretches easily for chronic pain patients with, for example, rheumatoid arthritis gives you less of a struggle getting dressed. Softer, stretchier materials that don’t hurt when being pulled on or over your skin is a benefit at home, work, or if you are staying in the hospital for a few days.

 Companies such as Denimaxx have a variety of accessories, in addition to fun, colorful pants (including compression legging options) and shirts, in bright, funky patterns or favorite animals. Compression clothing is beneficial by using pressure to increase blood flow to the area. This may help reduce pain and decrease the buildup of lactic acid. Compression clothing is popular in athletes to help muscle recovery during and in between workouts.

Chronic pain patients may have other conditions that exacerbate sensitivities to fabrics or strong smells. However, living with chronic pain doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing the styles you love for fear of feeling uncomfortable when you’re out. Women dealing with endometriosis, for example, can have an array of symptoms such as migraines, cramping, weight gain, and sweating. Flowing styles of clothing such as jumpsuits keep you cool and allow layering. 

Avoid beauty products that have strong scents and are hypoallergenic that let your skin breathe underneath. Explore fabrics that are soft on the skin, and wick away sweat. Athletic or outdoor stores may carry a wider variety of clothing to help ease your uncomfortable situation. Elastic waists that expand during an “endo belly” episode such as maternity pants can be used by anyone whether or not you’re a mom. These clothing are made to stretch with your body, allowing you to remain comfortable and in the latest fashions.

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