We all have at least one friend who lives a free-spirited, care-free lifestyle. Whether they believe in hippie ideals, just like the bohemian aesthetic, or dabble in a bit of flower child practices and behaviors in order to unwind, there are products out there that will make the perfect gift for you beatnik friend. Here are a few examples of some gifts that your Hippie-Esque friends might appreciate receiving from you.

1. Encourage their inner artist

Most hippies have great respect for the arts. Whether it’s the beatnik poets and beat generation or modern artists that speak to free-spirited sentiments, your friend is likely also somewhat of an artist. A great gift idea for your friend could be some fun art supplies that’ll give them the opportunity to unleash their inner artist. So whether they are creating DIY boho crafts that include yarn or paint, they can express themselves through their art.

One company that offers quality, affordable art supplies that your friend will love is PaintLoose. They have everything from acrylic and watercolor paints to instructions on fun DIY projects that will make for a great gift. It’ll allow them to create things with their own hands and their imagination.

2. Get them some self-care products

Another thing free spirits love to do is getting to spend time nourishing their body and soul with a little self-care. Self-care is defined as any “activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.” And one way your friend could do this is with some fun new essential oils.

For example, rose oil is a great product that could be gifted to your friend. Some of the benefits of rose oil include pain- and menstruation-related and stress/anxiety relief; it’s also found to be helpful as an antibacterial/antifungal product. If your friend works in the self-care industry, either at a spa or in the health industry, you could be introducing them to new products they can use in their working environment.

You can also gift other self-care related products, such as books, tea, and organic beauty products like face masks and bath bombs. Self-care is a massive umbrella term that could encapsulate many different products or activities that bring peace. Talk to your friend and see what brings them peace.

3. Gift them some top-notch CBD to enjoy

With the further legalization of Cannabis-based products in more states, it’s becoming a viable option for fans of these products. There are companies that produce anything from oil to a pre rolled joint. Companies like Plain Jane create products that safe, high quality, and affordable for those that want to enjoy the benefits of hemp and CBD, which are often similar to that of rose and other essential oils. This can be enjoyed for a relaxing, self-care Saturday, or shared with friends.

Everyone knows one person who ascribes to some hippie/bohemian ideals, and if you’re not that friend it can be difficult to buy gifts for them at times. You don’t always know what they like, and your mainstream products might not do it for them, not to mention they may not approve of some of the items going into said products.

But it doesn’t have to be a difficult search. Buy them a gift that encourages their free spirit, whether that be through expressing their artistic side or nurturing their health. You know your friends, and you know self-improvement and nourishment are important to their hippie soul.

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