While windows are a great way to accent a room and provide some fresh air indoors, they do have some hidden dangers. Window-related injuries are quite common, especially for younger children playing too close to the openings. Here are some tips to keep in mind as a homeowner to lower the risk of any injuries, ranging from sprains and broken bones to more severe instances.

Screens are useful but don’t prevent falls.


Old windows are grounds for injury risk with broken glass, creaking jambs, and rusting hinges. Proper window repair or replacement is a greater first step toward preventing these issues. Finding services in your area is as simple as looking up something like “window replacement Grand Rapids,” helping you get a free quote to fix panes, reapply weather seal, or even replace an entire window unit for a more modern look.

Professionals will recommend screens for windows or entry doors, primarily to keep critters from making their way into your household. However, these screens are not designed to be a barrier to prevent anyone from falling through. You should have screens for all glass units and maintain regular cleanup. Don’t risk pushing them as this is a common cause of falls.

Move furniture away from windows.


Children love to climb up on furniture and, let’s face it, there’s usually an injury that results from all that jumping around. The last thing you want is your child’s friend to come over and get hurt. You may find yourself having to look up “personal injury lawyers in Salem, OR” to protect you from any litigation. Or you may need to work out a settlement through your insurance company to cover the medical expenses brought on by a window-related injury.

Try to set up furniture in the middle of the room, away from the window to reduce the risk. Putting couches wallside helps to limit the room for kids and pets to move around. If you’re considering a replacement project, make sure that any furniture is kept away from the construction scene to avoid damage or temptation for anyone.

Invest in window stops.


Another way to avoid serious injury is for you as a homeowner or a window technician to put in window stops throughout your household. Window stops are put in place to allow for openings to get enough breeze to come through but without going further than four inches outward or upward. This presents a large opening for your new window that anyone can suffer a serious accident, or even lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Window guards are recommended on all second-story or higher windows in places where young children live or visit. These prevent windows from being opened, leading to the high risk of a tumble that can result in a serious injury or death.

Educate children on the dangers of climbing out the window.


Sometimes, carelessness is at the heart of catastrophic injuries to people falling out of windows. That’s why it’s important to educate children from a young age about the dangers of climbing in and out the window. This includes car windows and windshields. Parents or guardians should emphasize the risks that come with daring to crawl through, leading to different types of accidents that can result in an injury claim.

These instances can also serve as distractions, causing car accidents that require immediate medical attention and leads to devastating consequences. It’s a good idea to also explain to children why windows only go so far or to explain how locks operate and have true knowledge of why these protections exist. This can spare you and your loved ones from a trip to the emergency room later on.

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