For many homeowners, moving to a new home can be exciting until you think of all the packing that needs to be done. Furthermore, the moving experience is even more challenging for new moms who are also breastfeeding. If you’re in this situation, here are a few tips to keep your newborn safe during your move.

Carefully plan your move.


The moving process comes with many challenges, and it’s often confusing to identify the solutions. It helps to have a good-enough lead time to plan all the different activities you need to perform. First, confirm if your next home is ready to receive its new owner. Sometimes, closing the sale and completing all your home’s paperwork doesn’t mean it’s ready for you to move in. Realtors may need a day or two to finalize and declare your home fit to occupy. So, it’s essential to consider these details in your planning.

The next step is finding a moving company. Moving companies perform different services: Some companies work best for a small move while others focus on moving huge and capital-intensive assets. You need to find the right company that can ensure the best experience. Luckily, this task is as easy as a Google search. For instance, a quick search for “Fort Lauderdale moving companies” if you’re around the Fort Lauderdale area will suffice. Usually, a search like this will deliver a few of the most popular local moving companies. However, try to assess multiple options, checking their years of experience in the game before making the final call. Moving companies with great customer service and professional staff can afford you a stress-free move.

Prepare for you and your baby.

To ensure your newborn is safe throughout the trip, you have to pack all essential items. Packing your belongings for the move can be a major hurdle to cross since you have to pack for both you and your baby. That’s why you need to start the process early to ensure you don’t forget anything important. First, write a list of all the important first aid items (like the baby’s blanket and medicines) in case of an emergency. Also, be careful not to overpack. It’s tempting to move everything in your home to a new place, but often, some items may have outlived their functionality. Keeping a list of such items can be a great way to not burden yourself with things that can be left behind.

Preparing for you and your baby also means putting essential baby items in places where you have easy access to them. Items like your diaper bag shouldn’t be too far off, especially if your baby has sensitive skin. Getting good pumping bras can also afford you and your baby a hassle-free moving experience. Moving trips can span over a long period of time, and what you’ll wear on that day matters. A comfortable bra is the best option if you have large breasts. You can feel free to choose other bra options, but ensure your choice is a perfect fit. Further, a pumping bra can help you make sure you are able to feed your baby while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

Keep to your baby’s normal routine.


It’s normal for newborns to sleep entirely throughout a move. The National Sleep Foundation pegs the ideal sleep time for new babies between 14 and 17 hours each day. However, some babies can be rambunctious, giving you more to manage. In situations like this, you just have to resort to feeding your baby whenever possible. Also, note that there’s no guarantee your baby will stay put (or asleep) throughout the trip. So, it might help to travel with additional relatives for extra support.

All in all, moving with a baby can be stressful. However, as a new mother, it’s essential to prioritize your baby’s health and safety as you move. If your moving process is properly mapped out, things will be much easier, and these tips can ensure you have a great experience.

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