Dressing for a summer wedding can be frustrating. The weather can be hot and humid which means wearing a dress and getting dolled up isn’t always appealing. You want to show off your personal style and rock some cute jewelry but you also know you can’t wear tees and tanks.

Are jackets and blouses a no-go? What about cocktail attire for the reception? There are plenty of ways to dress your best for the summer wedding season.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Unlike winter where layers are key, summer is a great season to fit your form. Do you have a smaller frame? Petite dresses are an excellent choice. From petite sundresses to petite maxi dresses, there are plenty of ways to show off your style without drowning your body. A flared dress might be a perfect choice as it can show off your figure but still give you that added breathing room to deal with the summer heat.

Petite women aren’t the only ones who have to think about their bodies, either. Just like petite women don’t want to be swallowed up by their clothes, plus-size women should show off all their curves and swerves without choosing a maxi dress or flare dress that is too restrictive.

Play with Patterns and Prints

Winter is often about muted colors and neutrals. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with all of the colors of the rainbow. If you’re picking out a petite sundress, look at select styles with patterns and prints like polka dots, fruits, and other fun, flirty prints. For cocktail hour, tees may be cute if you pair them with a classy, stylish jacket. For the wedding ceremony, merchandise like a maxi dress is probably more appropriate, especially if the ceremony is at an outdoor venue.

To find petite sizes, plus size merchandise, and some cute gemstones and jewelry, use a store locator to find your favorite nearby retailer. Sometimes, you may find a steal in the final sale items but ask about their exchange policy in the event of a return. You may also be able to get an additional discount off the cash value of petite maxi dresses or a petite sundress if you’re using gift cards.

Jewel It Up

You’ve spent months looking at your best friend’s perfect engagement ring. You can’t wait until you’re looking at engagement rings of your own but, for today, it’s probably best if you skip the diamond ring and opt for something a little more subdued.

That doesn’t mean you should say “no” to jewelry, however. You still want to look your best. Things like yellow gold and white gold are always classy choices that look nice on a sunny day. If you have any gift cards with leftover cash value and limited time left to use them, it might be time to go shopping. You can even ask to get an additional discount off of your total purchase price.

Plan Ahead

Chances are, you’ve known about this wedding for a while. Don’t leave yourself with mere business days left to select a petite sundress. You don’t want to set yourself up for a style crisis by picking an outfit and the perfect ring at the last minute. Shopping for some online merchandise is always a good idea. If you’ve made prior purchases with any online retailers, reach out and see if they have charity items or final sale items available.

For certain sites, if you offer your email address, you may qualify for free shipping in the continental U.S. or express shipping for next-day deliveries. Ask if there are any exclusions for free returns, too, in case you didn’t select the right size in anything.

While the summer wedding season can seem like a style nightmare, a little experimentation and willingness to go bold with patterns, prints, and jewelry can always help you feel your best, even during a long, sunny wedding ceremony.

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