If you’ve been on the dating scene in the past two decades or so, you know that the game has changed. Dating is a much different experience than it was for our parents, and especially for our grandparents. You might meet your life partner when you need to borrow a pen from someone at the bank, but it’s more likely today to meet a potential partner through a dating app or by being set up for a blind date through a mutual friend. There is no doubt that technology has completely changed the dating game. Don’t be mistaken, though, there are several ways to go on successful blind dates.

If you are new to blind dating, this article is a great resource to help you get rid of the cold feet you might have about the process. These tips will surely ease your mind about the things that might be causing you stress about going on a date with someone you haven’t previously met in person.

Go in with an open mind.


You might have certain expectations for your blind date, or even for your future potential relationship. While it’s important to keep certain expectations that might align with your lifestyle and values, it’s also best to keep an open mind and realize that no one is going to be perfect, and so neither will the date. There might be awkward moments, nervous chatter or even something slightly embarrassing that could happen. Going on your date with the expectation that it won’t be perfect will help put your mind at ease and embrace the moments of imperfection. Plus, if you can laugh off these moments with your date, your connection might feel stronger than it would if you allow them to ruin the time.

Dress with confidence.


It might seem like an obvious statement, but dressing your best and appropriately for the occasion will not only show your blind date that you are trying to make a good impression, it will also help you feel confident and comfortable wherever the date is planned. You don’t need to wear a ballgown, unless of course you are attending an exquisite rendezvous, so don’t overthink or completely overdress. If you’re going to a cafe for lunch, you might want to go to a local shop and pick up a nice, new pair of jeans on sale to keep the vibe casual. Wear a pear of skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, or some other denim pants. It’s important to be comfortable, and what’s more comfortable than denim?

Plan something fun.

It’s probably not the best idea to plan on going to the movie theater for a first date because you won’t be able to talk during the showing. Try to pick something casual, fun and active, such as going to a museum or zoo. This will allow you to talk and get to know each other during the date, as well as show your playful side.

For older adults who have been out of the dating world and are open to finding intimacy on the first date, it might be a good idea to do some research on sex tips for mature couples so you don’t feel completely lost if the moment seems right. Older women and older men both face unique challenges when it comes to having a healthy sex life, whether that’s erectile dysfunction or a lack of lubrication due to hormone changes brought on by menopause. That being said, senior sex can still be great sex. Just remember, there are no expectations on withholding from intimacy on a first date if that’s not something you are comfortable with. If it is on your agenda, make sure you talk to your date about your intentions. Your sex life should be about pleasure, and that means being open about your expectations and about whether or not you’re ready for intercourse.

Don’t overthink it.


One of the most common mistakes people make on first blind dates is overthinking the entire ordeal. From making expectations of yourself to the expectations of your date, try not to let it get in the way of having a good time and getting to know each other. When we overthink, we are less of ourselves and might come off as stuffy, boring or too conservative to have a good time. When you’re in your head too much you aren’t able to do what’s most important, which is enjoying yourself. It’s okay to be a little bit nervous, but don’t let it ruin the sensation of having fun with your date.

Whether you have never gone on a blind date or you are an older adult who is seasoned in the dating world, try to remember to be yourself, have fun and let go of your expectations. The most important part about dating is enjoying yourself and letting your date feel comfortable with showing their true personality. Hopefully, your date leads to a lasting lifelong partnership. If it doesn’t, don’t let that steer you away from blind dating altogether.

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