When getting a gift for your family (or a family you’re close to), you’re going to want to think of good things for the whole family. Considering so many families have recently spent such a significant amount of time in quarantine together, it’s likely they could use something to bond over instead of stress over.

With roughly eight out of ten adults in the United States being stressed about the Covid-19 pandemic and the future of the nation, we could all use something to get our minds off everything. Check out these sensible presents great for everyone in the family.


Considering the recent precariousness of the economy, it could be smart to consider resale value when getting a gift. Be sure to get high-quality metals when purchasing diamond jewelry, as the better resale value is going to come from the precious metal rather than the natural diamonds and gems, according to a MarketWatch article from 2019.

Agape Diamonds sells synthetic diamonds, and their trademark Agape diamond simulants wonderfully resemble natural diamonds. Whether you’re looking for earrings, necklaces, an updated engagement ring, or a stylish necklace, you’re sure to find jewelry with great clarity that will make her sparkle with man made diamonds jewelry. Not only are diamond simulants essentially the same as a real diamond, but they do this while getting rid of the ethical dilemmas associated with the diamond industry.

Unlike cubic zirconia (CZ), synthetic diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds and won’t lose their brilliance over time. Plus, Agape Diamonds’ great customer service continues after your purchase as they have a free return policy for up to 30 days, free shipping, and free resizing. A great “just because” present would be a new pair of earrings. Choose from different colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, or a color that brings out her eyes. Or choose a look with more versatility in an elegant cut such as a princess cut or halo cut. No matter what you decide, you will get a durable and elegant synthetic diamond at a price you can afford when shopping with Agape Diamonds.

A Fire Pit

A Breeo fire pit is something the whole family can enjoy. Whether it’s merely to unwind, to take camping, or to use as a fire pit and grill combo; the USA-made Breeo fire pit will make a great addition to your backyard patio. Breeo fire pits were the first to make the smokeless fire pit that uses advanced technology utilizing an X Airflow and double-wall convection to burn its own smoke resulting in less smoke and fewer tears. Keep in mind that the smokeless fire pit is not completely smoke-free. However, the smokeless technology reduces smoke so significantly it reduces irritation to the eyes and its environmental impact significantly.

The durable stainless-steel design of Breeo fire pits is present regardless of the model. If you desire a fire pit great for larger group size, the Breeo X Series is going to be easier for roasting marshmallows around the fire pit for a larger family. The X Series also comes with a sear plate and the option for other attachments for grilling that will be perfect for grilling up hot dogs, burgers, seafood, steak, tofu, or whatever you desire for those summer barbeques. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that’s easier to transport, consider the Breeo Double Flame that will make a great backyard fire pit and is light enough to bring to the campsite or the beach. While this model doesn’t come with a built-in sear plate, you can always take advantage of Breeo’s line of accessories to get an attachable outpost grill for live-fire cooking.

Check out Breeo fire pit review for more information to help you decide which Breeo fire pit is the perfect size for you so you can enjoy the smokeless fire pit experience. You may want to start stocking up on firewood now.

Quality Clothing and Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a fancy jacket for your coming-of-age son, a classic new wallet for dad, a stylish new bag for mom, or a fancy carrying case for a laptop; you’ll find quality leather goods at Buffalo Jackson Trading Co. After so many tedious months in quarantine, we could all use a connection to nature and the rugged adventures of the west embedded in the leather goods at Buffalo Jackson. Shop at Buffalo Jackson for t-shirts, flannels, hats, and quality leather goods like jackets, wallets, and bags.

Bonus tip: A recent CNN Business article reported that brands such a Gucci, Fendi, Dior, Ray-Ban, Coach, and more have been noted for having a higher resale value. Most likely due to a recent report showing that as many as 80 percent of consumers no longer find a stigma associated with “second-hand fashion.” So, you should consider buying quality products second-hand and making sure they maintain their quality to maintain your investment.

A Robot Vacuum

According to Statista, the average size of an American family is around three people. When you consider how difficult it can be for just two people to agree on household chores, the tension of quarantine, and how darn messy kids can be, a robot to do the vacuuming just seems like the best way to reduce fighting and stress. Plus, this gets rid of the hassle of pets and babies getting hold of things they shouldn’t off the floor. Considering that nowadays you can find popular brands such as Roomba for relatively cheap prices, why not reduce the hassle?

A Subscription to a Fruit-of-the-Month Club

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a 2017 study revealed that only one in ten Americans actually get the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables every day. That means a whopping 90 percent of us are not getting the benefits of a diet proven to prevent chronic disease—the leading cause of death in the United States. Getting a fun fruit of the month subscription could be just the fun way to get your family eating better. Not only is this a great way to get your family to eat more fresh fruits, but it can also be a fun adventure for everyone to try new fruits that may be a rarity in your home. Plus, this gift involves every person in the family.

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