Summer has finally arrived, and for many people, that means endless fun in the sun. However, for those who live in scorching hot, humid, or muggy environments, a day outside can feel like a death sentence. Between sweat, bugs, and the lazy feeling you get from being overheated, going out can feel like a chore in the summertime. Thankfully, there are plenty of activities that can ensure months-long summer fun without the heat bogging you down. So leave your bathing suit in the closet, and don’t bother packing the portable fan.

Home Entertainment Options


These days, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have become saturated with shows we don’t want to watch. Don’t get me wrong, some of those original series will have you binging for days on the edge of your seat. However, we are all familiar with the practice of scrolling your recommended page for an hour before giving up and throwing on The Office for the billionth time this week. Streaming platforms have recently become more disjointed than ever. For example, some of your favorite Disney shows have likely moved exclusively to Disney+.

Suppose you used to enjoy movies that frequently came on HBO but have ditched your cable or satellite TV provider for a streaming service. In that case, you might be disappointed to find that they’ve all been moved to HBO Max. Dad wants ESPN live sports and Family Guy. The kids need their YouTube TV and American Horror Story. Grandma wants the Food Network, and Mom can’t live without her MTV throwbacks. So what is the solution for providing entertainment for the entire household without an expensive live TV family plan?

No Strings Attached


There is a better way to harness the power of all your favorite television shows without paying for five different individual subscriptions. Consider browsing the selection on can provide you with a centralized database of live tv add-ons and streaming services through free trial periods – for example, a FuboTV free trial. If you’ve ever done any couponing or bargain hunting, you probably know that it can be challenging to hunt down legitimate offers. With the use of the website, your options will be compiled into a single source, with customer reviews to ensure their legitimacy and worth.

Stay Active


Just because you’re staying in this summer doesn’t mean you have to compromise your physical health. You may have seen commercials for pricey fitness products like the Peloton bike or the fitness mirror, but for those of us on a budget, these expensive models are out of the question. However, subscription-based fitness programs are an excellent way to stay in shape. They can provide the accountability and resources of a gym membership from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Before you pull out that credit card, check Through the same website that you can find free trials on entertainment services, you can also find trial periods of fitness programs and health applications. This kind of balance can help you hit your summer fun and summer fitness goals all in one!

This summer, try utilizing these tools to beat the heat without compromising fun. Staying fit and having fun without putting a dent in your finances is a practice nearly everyone can enjoy. Part of the reason summer is viewed as a time of joy and activities is that many of us have more time to spend with our families. When the kids are out of school, your family has more time together to bond and explore each other’s interests. By providing a wide variety of entertainment options and healthy activities, you can ensure meaningful time together, regardless of the weather.

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