The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the world as we know it. No one and no industry has been left untouched. In some cases, there are positives that have come out of the changing world. Creative businesses have found ways to thrive online or offer creative solutions to keep them afloat. Other industries have been completely decimated by closures and social distancing. One industry that has experienced both positive and negative effects is the sex industry.

Being stuck inside has led to a lot of couples reengaging with intimacy and finding a need for sex supplies that they previously weren’t interested in. But on the other hand, social distancing and closures have really hurt sex workers who have now been out of work for multiple months. This is a confusing, hard time for everyone, so individuals in the sex industry and working to maintain their jobs and some sense of normalcy in the bedroom. As you can see, Covid restrictions are affecting so many different areas, here are a few ways it’s changing up the sex industry.

Couples stuck together are looking for ways to spice up their sex life.

Let’s start with a positive. At first, when quarantine was only supposed to be for a few weeks, it seemed almost like a nice break from real life for fourteen days. Couples who were usually wrapped up in their own crazy, busy schedules finally had the time to reinvest in each other. In some cases, this led to an increase in sexual performance. Couples started ordering products from official websites to help spice up their sex life and give libido a boost. Places that sell panties and cheeky lingerie saw an increase in business as people’s sex drive was up. Whatever works to increase sexual arousal and make you feel a little better during these weird times.

It also may have lowered libido.

While that is one of the positive side effects, other couples saw a lessening of libido and sexual satisfaction. Stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic may have affected your mental wellbeing therefore not really putting you in the mood. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your sexual desire, stamina, or sexual health, consider the best male enhancement pills to help increase energy levels. These male enhancers can help increase libido and get you back in the mood for intercourse while you’re dealing with external stress and anxiety. Yet another industry that has been helped during this pandemic.

Sex workers are fearing for their livelihood.

Perhaps the individuals hurt the most by Covid restrictions within the sex industry are sex workers themselves. A lot of these individuals, escorts and the like, have been completely cut off from their business overnight. When you can’t go out and meet with clients, you aren’t making money. Closures and restrictions have affected sex workers from making any connections or fostering those relationships that they worked years to build. It’s also been difficult for these workers to get government aid or unemployment money during the pandemic. If they don’t have an official employer, there’s nowhere for them to file for assistance. Needless to say, this has been a tough time for these individuals who usually make an above-average income.

A lot has moved online.

Some sex workers have attempted to move their business online, which has been somewhat successful for some. A lot of the sex industry has been moved to digital platforms. Online porn consumption has been up and chatrooms have also been utilized in new ways. While this is a decent solution for now, a lot of sexual desire and intimacy are better engaged in person. Sex workers certainly are looking forward to a day when the world can reopen safely.

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