Today, many people are adopting environmentally-friendly lifestyles. Living a more plant-based life entails adopting a diet and engaging in practices that pose less threat to the environment. Are you looking to live a more plant-based life but don’t know where to begin? Not to worry: We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Adopt a vegan diet.


Vegan diets are rich in spices, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains. They tend to avoid animal products like fish, eggs, dairy, and red meat. Rather, they pack a substantial amount of plant protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Research suggests such diets help protect against heart disease, obesity, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

Today, more people are transitioning to vegan diets, given their proven health and environmental benefits. Remember, not all of them are healthy. For example, french fries and plant milk-based ice creams don’t count as healthy foods. So, try to avoid eating overly processed junk foods. Alternatively, incorporate whole plant foods low in saturated fats, cholesterol, and calories into your meal plan.

Thankfully, many food companies provide ready-made vegan foods that either come frozen or fresh. For example, Only Plant Based is setting the pace in the natural and vegan food industry in the United States. They also have a strong presence in the European Union, primarily Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. They have affiliations with retail grocery stores like Walmart, Vegan Essentials, Kroger, and Fake Meats.

It’s also worth noting that notable food critics have judged their premium vegan mayo products as among the best vegan sauces in the market. The company first released Original Mayo, which gained a lot of critical acclaims. They later released Chipotle Mayo and Garlic Mayo. Nowadays, many people use Chipotle Mayo to add a healthy twist to their cauliflower. Alternatively, you may decide to use garlic mayo to add a taste of fresh garlic.

Opt for herbal remedies.

One way to live a more plant-based life is to opt for herbal remedies over traditional medicine. You can do this under the consultation of a GP. If you live in Los Angeles, California, for example, cannabis is a widely available herbal remedy for the relief of anxiousness and discomfort. You can enjoy products from online stores like Legion of Bloom, which is a conscious northern California cannabis company founded by five conscious cultivators.

Their eco-conscious cultivation facility is situated in Oakland, California, and they recently launched a new 5-star cannabis flower line and extracts with no additives. The company uses terpenes to manufacture its vape products. This enables you to enjoy the authentic taste and elevated cannabis experience you would expect from your favorite strains. Best of all, the company supports a lot of environmental causes in the state of California. Essentially, Californians contribute to the environment each time they buy a product.

Wear plant-based clothing and accessories.


The fashion industry is arguably the biggest polluter in the world. A significant proportion of fashion companies use animal products, potentially dangerous chemicals, and unsustainable materials to manufacture their clothing. Plant-based clothing refers to garments made from natural materials. For someone looking to live a more environmentally friendly life, eco-friendly vegan clothing should belong in your closet. Today, many fashion brands are making sustainable choices by creating elegant pieces with sustainable materials.

You can consider buying clothes made from hemp, banana, cotton, modal, and Tencel. For example, some manufacturers make underwear from hemp. We’ve also seen the emergence of elegant footwear made from recycled rubber materials. The key takeaway is that you can help make the world a better place by wearing plant-based clothing.

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