Welcoming a new baby is such a celebratory time for a family, but issues can arise during pregnancy or the delivery process that can take away from such a joyous occasion. Birth injuries, or birth trauma, can happen simply as a result of a newborn coming into this world.

These injuries can range from something as minor as a superficial cut to medical conditions and impairments brought on by a lack of oxygen. Birth injuries can leave families unsure of what to do next. However, there are outlets that you can turn to for help to feel seen and heard through this life-changing experience.



A birth injury can come as a surprise, leaving new mothers and other family members shocked and even traumatized by the experience. Speaking with a licensed mental health professional allows for a safe space to air these stressors out from the delivery process. If you find yourself Googling “good therapists near me,” don’t hesitate to look into a litany of counseling services that are accessible in-person, by phone, or even through online sessions.

Group therapy has also helped those dealing with a child’s injury to share their struggles with these birth defects and common birth injuries that are compromising their lives. Through cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) patients are instructed on coping mechanisms to help deal with stressors in their life. This can also be utilized by children dealing with the after-effects of those birth injuries. Most health insurance plans in recent years have expanded their access to mental health care to assure those issues are being addressed.

Medical Care


In some cases, a lack of proper medical care by an expecting mother’s doctor or hospital staff can be to blame for birth trauma. Conditions like preeclampsia, or high blood pressure, can put the fetus at risk if not properly addressed by medical staff during pregnancy. A lack of oxygen to a newborn can lead to significant organ or brain damage, even spinal cord injuries that will require a litany of care for years to come.

Finding a proper obstetrician going forward should be paramount for the mother of the child for a better assessment in the event of a future pregnancy. That carelessness can lead to a litany of medical expenses down the line. For children who suffer from birth injuries, the severity of those issues could pave the way for care from specialists, and the need for extensive physical therapy. Some of those specialists may come with significant out-of-pocket costs without the help of coverage from your insurance company.

Birth Injury Attorneys


From failures in prenatal care to long-term treatment of birth trauma, medical bills could be sent soaring with insurance companies covering little to no expenses. This has led some parents to explore the resources of an experienced birth injury lawyer. Schwaner Law, one of the leading birth injury attorneys in Chicago, offers compassionate legal advice to help families get help with expenses brought on as a result of negligence.

With various types of birth injury cases, families have been able to obtain significant repayment through medical malpractice lawsuits against hospitals or other healthcare providers. This money is utilized by families to assure a high level of care for their child going forward, as well as to cover the costs of any arrangements that have had to be made to their household to accommodate a child’s handicap. If you are considering a birth injury lawsuit, it is important to keep track of all medical bills and medical records for your birth injury lawyer to review and build a case. These punitive damages could end up going a long way for a better quality of life for you and your family.

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