You’d like to imagine that throwing a birthday party for a toddler would be a magical time. Instead, it can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting, to say the least. While there are a lot of things you don’t have to worry about with a birthday party for a toddler, there are a few tips that you can follow to make it stress-free and enjoyable for everyone concerned.

Safety First


Of course, your first concern is putting your family’s health first, which means you’ll need to be extra careful about planning a birthday party in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak. If gatherings are allowed in your area, then you want to make sure that no one is sick on the day of the party. If you must, take the temperatures of the guests as they arrive, and don’t feel bad about it. Most of the parents will thank you for looking out for their welfare and the welfare of their little ones.

Entertainment and Music


Since your child is a toddler, there isn’t much to be had in the way of entertainment and music. Some simple kid’s songs and a few blocks will keep a toddler entertained for quite some time. However, if you’re wanting to go all out for your toddler’s birthday party entertainment in Long Island, then you should consider hiring a clown to do face painting, a magician to do a magic show, and even a princess to do balloon twists for the special day. A birthday clown will go a long way towards keeping the older kids, and even the parents, entertained.

The Guest List


Make sure that you’re comfortable in your wide-width booties as you prepare the guestlist for your toddler’s birthday party, and chase your toddler around at the same time. Don’t feel like you’re obligated to invite every toddler from your daycare, church, or any other place your toddler has made friends. In fact, it’s probably better to just invite your closest family and friends to keep the guest list manageable and so as not to overwhelm your toddler with too much on their special day.

Timing is everything.


When it comes to throwing a birthday party that toddlers are going to be attending, it’s good to know that timing is everything. Anyone that has one can tell you that toddlers are moody. You want to schedule the party between nap times for all of the children and not have it run too late because toddlers tire easily. Picking a time to end the party, instead of parents and kids just hanging around, will help with the cranky toddlers as well.

Ask for help.


While you wouldn’t think so, planning a toddler’s birthday party can be stressful. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Nine times out of ten, your parents will be willing to help you plan the party and supervise the kids when the party begins. Don’t be afraid to ask the parents of the other kids to stay as well to help out with everyone. The last thing you want is to be left alone with 10 toddlers at a party and have not another parent in sight.

Relax, and have fun.


Another thing you don’t want to do is be so frazzled and overwhelmed that you don’t have fun at your toddler’s birthday party. Get everything done ahead of time, and then sit back and enjoy this special day with the baby you love.

These are just a few of the best tips out there for planning a birthday party for your toddler. Remember, the biggest thing is to have fun with your family and friends and the child you’re having the party for to begin with.

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