From prostate checks to colon cancer screenings, there are several things men should have checked out as they age. While staying on top of prostate health isn’t something most men look forward to, it can be extremely important in the early detection of prostate cancer. From issues with sexual dysfunction to normal aches and pains of aging, it’s always important for older men to keep up with regular doctor appointments to give themselves the best chance of a long life ahead. If you’re a middle-aged man wondering if it’s time to start making your health more of a priority, read on for important things to consider.

Prostate and Testicular Health


Beginning at the age of 50, it’s important for men to get regular prostate health and overall physical wellness checkups. These can be done in your regular clinician’s office. A prostate exam is as simple as the doctor penetrating the rectum to make sure the prostate isn’t enlarged. While this can be uncomfortable, it’s important for ruling out cancer and other issues.

When considering your prostate health, don’t forget about self exams for your testicles. Maybe you work in health care and know the value of a portable ultrasound probe for high image quality and portability. If you work in medicine, you likely know that The Vave ultrasound device was designed with the input of leading health care professionals to create a disruptive technology that is truly affordable and accessible. This tool could be used if you discover a lump in your testicle to help to rule out testicular cancer. The same way you’ll want to pay attention to your prostate health through regular exams, it’s a good idea to do your own routine self exams as well.

If burning during urination, pain during ejaculation, or other prostate issues are bothering you, but your prostate exam has ruled out cancer, there are ways to get help with painful or irritable symptoms. Prostate911 is a great place to turn for an all natural nutritional supplement if you’re having enlarged prostate symptoms. Easy to order online, you can treat symptoms yourself with this over-the-counter method.

Regular Screenings


The same way your prostate size is important to the bigger picture, having annual physicals and attending follow-up appointments for lab work or additional testing is important to maintaining a good quality of life and overall physical wellness. Some men struggle with making time for regular appointments. Others have fears about seeing their doctor and facing uncomfortable news, screenings, or exams. The reality is that by keeping up with regular appointments for common issues, you’ll be healthier overall in the long term.

Sexual Functioning


Most men place high value on their ability to function sexually. While low sex drive and trouble with erections can be normal in older men, they can also be signs of physical health problems. If you’re struggling in the bedroom, reach out to a doctor for blood tests that will measure your testosterone and other levels. Something as simple as a vitamin or prescription could have you interested and performing again.

Few people look forward to seeing the doctor for any reason. It can be even more challenging to get up the nerve to make that appointment when it could involve a probe or other uncomfortable procedure. The reality is that men who take time out to make their health a priority, in spite of the mild discomforts they may face at the doctor’s office, live longer and healthier lives. It’s okay to ask what to expect if you’re worried about an exam.

Whether it’s for yourself, your partner, or your children or grandchildren, now is a good time to put your fears or anxieties aside and make a call to your doctor for a regular check up. Have an open conversation if you’re reluctant about the importance of screenings and follow-ups. Your overall health and quality of life depends on it. You and the people who love you most will thank you for it later.

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